Print Orders

A separate area is provided for the bride and groom to view the images from the day and for guests, friends and family to do the same and, if they wish, purchase prints.

The specific folder is initially only visible and accessible by the bride and groom, using their assigned log-in information, so if guests can't yet see the folder in the folder list then it means it's not ready for viewing, usually because the bride and groom are still having their initial 'sneak preview'. Bear in mind also that if the couple went on honeymoon after the wedding they won't even have started to look at them until they are back home.
As soon as the folder is visible in the folder list then the guests etc. will then be able to view the pictures. To do so you'll initially need a password, details of which will have been given to guests on the day of the wedding.

If you didn't receive the details, or have misplaced them, the password follows a simple format of a combination of the grooms surname and the date of the wedding. So if the groom's name was Smith and the wedding was 10th July 2010, then the password will be 'Smith100710'

Once you have entered the password for the folder then you will be able to view the images. Additionally you will have the ability to make selections in a lightbox and add print orders to a shopping cart. To place the order, and to have the full benefit of the additional functions of the lightbox facility, you will need to register an account - much the same as you would do with any other online ordering site. Payment by credit/debit cards is all automated and secure. Follow the link below to take you to the separate site.